Divine Calling- Have You Found Yours?

On April 15th, 2018, I and my husband Byron publicly made a commitment to the calling of pastoral ministry, at our ordination ceremony. A commitment to serve Jesus Christ and His Church with faith, hope and love. This wasn’t my career choice or something I planned and aspired to do, but I cannot imagine a... Continue Reading →

Never too Harsh to Bloom- Pastor Keisha Wicks

It was sunny and nearly 70 degrees yesterday, so I found myself working in the yard and came across something essentially common but so beautiful. Lying there in our lawn of hay-like grass, that obviously didn’t survive the harsh winter months, were just a few little purple flowers. I immediately thought these were the faux... Continue Reading →

Let Your Hope Be Restored – Pastor Keisha

Allow me to be candid and transparent with this confession. In the past week, the enemy has really tried his hardest to put me in a long-lasting slump. There were nights when I just cried profusely—saturating my pillow and my husband’s chest with tears. They were tears of sadness for the nothing short of unbearable... Continue Reading →

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