Never too Harsh to Bloom- Pastor Keisha Wicks

It was sunny and nearly 70 degrees yesterday, so I found myself working in the yard and came across something essentially common but so beautiful.

Lying there in our lawn of hay-like grass, that obviously didn’t survive the harsh winter months, were just a few little purple flowers. I immediately thought these were the faux silk flowers from one of my girls art crafts. As I knelt down to pick one up, thinking I’d just toss them in the trash, surprisingly, I felt the silky softness of petals. They were definitely in all their glory as real as they come.

Looking at these little flowers that bloomed beautifully, reminded me that the environment does not have complete control over what grows. The seed and roots were made to seek what it needs in order to have the nutrients to thrive.

In this fallen world, we will continue to face some of the craziest of circumstances, but remember that there is still something inside of you that can keep growing as the roots go deeper. It’s the very precious gift called faith. A plant (us) that’s deeply rooted (faith in Christ) is hard to shake. We must continue to go deep to seek what we need to thrive. In other words, when life gives you crap, you can seek to make some fertilizer and take in the good nutrients thereof, to grow.

The bible says that the grass may wither away but His Word lives on forever. Heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will not (Matthew 24:35). The powerful gift of faith that will keep us grounded, is developed by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). Keep watering your faith with the Word of God, knowing the promises that He’s in charge and wants what’s absolutely best for you (Deut. 7:13, Jer. 29:11).

Today, in Christ alone, you can be the stunning flower that blooms in a harsh or less favorable environment. Let’s also remember to take a moment, look around and admire the intricate beauty and wonder of all that has become so common in our lives.

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