Let Your Hope Be Restored – Pastor Keisha

Allow me to be candid and transparent with this confession. In the past week, the enemy has really tried his hardest to put me in a long-lasting slump. There were nights when I just cried profusely—saturating my pillow and my husband’s chest with tears. They were tears of sadness for the nothing short of unbearable struggles I see people facing, daily. Some were also of joy, being grateful for the favor and protection God has extended to our family. It’s probably needless to say that confessing my hope had become a little harder than usual.

Myself (Pastor Keisha) and my husband Pastor Byron at our outdoor church gathering

The struggle we encounter as pastors, whose most desired goal in life is to please God and lead people to Christ, is real, intense, and continual. Personally, given this year alone, it’s never been harder. There are moments when I feel the elasticity I once had, seems be nearing it’s breaking point—but still there’s that remnant of zeal in my heart, infused by the Holy Spirit, that feeds my beliefs. My hope is restored and my mind, body and soul is revived. There’s great power in the stretching, when we’re stretched for Christ.

Reflecting on hope this morning, in Hebrews 10, brings me to the conclusion that when we focus on the attributes of our God (omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, loving, faithful, just to name a few) our hope in Him becomes strong—one reliable to hold on to when the string of thread gets even thinner in this life. It is in Christ alone that we are made strong.

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Remember that our hope is never wasted when it’s placed where it belongs. We can still believe for greater things, opportunities, miracles, signs and wonders, while facing difficult circumstances. We can still believe that there are beautiful and satisfying promises waiting for us at the end of every dreadful trial.

Take a stand with me today, placing your unwavering hope in the One who has proven Himself to be faithful. Let’s consume ourselves with Jesus, where our hope is alive, well and working for us. Proclaim that you will live with confidence that ALL things will work out for your good.

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You can find more encouraging blogposts on my personal site http://www.keishawicks.com.

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